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Mobile complex of surface recognition and ECM “JAB”


Purpose: intended for detection, classification and identification of surface moving targets as well as low-speed low-flying air targets, radiomonitoring, radiocapture, radio countermesures, target pointingwith the aim to provide performance of tasks on security.


Mobile complex of surface recognition and ECM “JAB”


Complex provides:

- automatic detection (with radar) and receiving detail information (with visual channel) about surface moving targets geographically referenced and with output of the information to command center;
- automatic affixment of the complex on the terrain with the help of satellite navigation systems; calculation and record route traffic at PC;
- detection of communication systems (including cellular, sattelite, relay, tranc communicatios), radio means (including short range radars, fire control systems, control and telemetry transmission systems);
- supression of communication sistems, radio means, satellite navigation receivers, radio controlled bobms.


Technical details:
Total transmitted power of the jammer up to 1300 W
Quantity of jammer sub-channels up to 14
Jammer frequency bandwidth (20-2500) MHz (up to 6000 MHz - option)
TV channel 36х
Navigation systems suppression GPS, GLONASS, GPS+GLONASS
- vehicle 6,6 km.
Radar detection range:
- person 3 km.
- vehicle 6 km.
IR channel detection range:
- person 2,4 km.
Operating temperature -20...+50 С
Options Radio capture equipment, remote workplace, UAV, signalling complex, communication and data exchange with command center

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