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Specijalna Oprema Skopje is a company in private ownership, established in 1992. The major activity is trade. The head office of the company is in Skopje at ul.1409 br.3. The company owns business premises (factory) laid at an area of 5.000m2 (production, storage and administrative space), within a larger open area of 14.000 m2. In 2007, the production was halted; the machinery alienated and the workers were paid.

The factory has at its disposal a complete infrastructure (its own transformer station, water system, fenced and protected property, and is located in the city. At present, the entire area of the premises is vacant and ready, with minor repairs, to accept any type of equipment and start production in different spheres, and the management team is intensively working on finding the potential partner for introducing a new production technology.

The idea for cooperation with companies from the European Union is largely based on the advantages that the Republic of Macedonia has as a country.

ADVANTAGES that the Republic of Macedonia offers as a country:

- trading status with the EU (duty-free export of Macedonian goods into the EU)
- signed free trade agreements with many other countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Ukraine)
- low taxes
- 10% flat profit tax for companies
- 10% personal income tax
- various incentives for foreign investments
- low average gross salaries (for employees) whereby the production cost is significantly lower
- lower price for energy(flow wather etc)
- Macedonia is a candidate country for EU and NATO membership

ADVANTAGES that we, as a company, can offer:

- Cleared area of 5.000m2 with production, storage and administrative space, complete infrastructure, available for beginning of production in various fields
- the company (and the factory) has no debts, mortgages and has been successfully operating for the past 16 years
- no burden of unnecessary labour force (surplus) Only the indispensable staff is employed in the company (accounting, security and commerce)
- The factory is located in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia where one can easily find personnel for all types of production.
- good connections with the transportation infrastructure (close to the Thessaloniki port, close to the airport, good railroad and road connections)
- flexibility in the manner of linking and cooperation with future partners, joint ventures, possibilities for releasing a management package of shares to the new partner, access to the markets where we have been present for many years with the existing capacities and infrastructure etc.

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